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Thread Milling Machine
Bed Length 1000 to 10000 mm Bed Width 375 / 450 mm Min./Max.
Job Diameter 20 to 300 mm Admit Between Center 300 to 9000 mm
Spindle Bore 100 mm Main Spindle RPM 0.1 to 1 RPM
Longitudinal Feeds 0.1 to 200 mm Main Spindle Motor 3 HP
Milling Head Capacity 25 HSS to 40 mm Carbide Milling Head Speed 30 mtr./min. to 90 mtr./min.
Milling Head RPM 300 & 500 RPM Milling Head Nose ISO-40
Milling Head Motor 2 HP Min./Max. Pitch 20 to 300 mm
Taper Turning Attachment 300 to 9000 mm Spindle Sleeve (Taper Bore) MT-4 / MT-5
Lead Screw Diameter & Pitch 50 mm / 2TPI Number of Multistarts 1440
Multistarts Accuracy 0.15 degree Tail Stock Spindle Diameter 50 / 75 mm
• Main Spindle Motor 3 H.P with ac Variable Frequency Drive • Cutter Head Motor 2 H.P.
• Steady Rest • Taper Turning Device
• Dog Chuck • Coolent Pump with Tank
• Chuck Plate • Spindle Sleeve
• 2 nos. Dead Center • Change Gear Set for inch & mm
• Electric Panel Board  
• True Chuck • Machine Lamp
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